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Bitcoin Legacy Review: How Legit Is This Trading App?

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Applications for trading like Bitcoin Legacy have become popular because the interest in cryptocurrency has increased. These applications allow newbies and novice traders to trade with no prior experience or knowledge in trading and allow them to earn huge gains without a lot of learning. We have decided to look over Bitcoin Legacy and make sure that the new users have all the necessary information regarding the trading application prior to making a decision to invest.

What is Bitcoin Legacy?

Bitcoin Legacy is a cutting advanced trading application that is used to trade cryptocurrency. It is able for a variety of transactions, such as trading and buying on the market for cryptocurrency. Bitcoin Legacy works automatically, meaning that there is no requirement to put in a lot of time or effort into trading. The trading software doesn’t require prior experience in investing and is therefore accessible to anyone who is interested in trading.

The summary we have of our Bitcoin Legacy review:

  • Bitcoin Legacy is an authentic trading software that has the capability to offer users lucrative opportunities to make investments in cryptocurrency.
  • Customers must put down EUR250 prior to trading in live sessions start.
  • We know that the Win rate for brand new users is more than 90 percent.
  • Because the trading software is automated, trading is able to be completed 24 hours a week.

Is Bitcoin Legacy Legit?

This Bitcoin Legacy trading application uses the most sophisticated technology. We’ve tested the app and according to our findings, we confirm that the application is secure and secure. That means your private data is safe and won’t be stolen. Bitcoin Legacy also uses regulated brokers to manage your account. After you’ve registered successfully, you will be assigned an account manager. The system is accessible and user-friendly. Any queries you might need to ask can be addressed from your personal account administrator. If you are investing, there is always a chance of risk. Bitcoin Legacy is no exception but we’ll take care of the majority of your worries with this review.

Our rating

  • Free Demo Account
  • Exceptional Broker Support
  • Start as little as EUR250

Your Most Frequently Asked Questions

We thought it was better to answer questions at the beginning of the review since a lot of users have voiced concerns about the legitimacy of the trading app.

What should I spend?

We suggest you start with a minimum deposit of EUR250. It is possible to invest more after you have made a money. The idea of investing at a minimum is a great method of limiting the risk you’re at risk.

How much money can I be expecting to make?

There is no limit for earning money and there aren’t any absolute assurances when it comes to investing. We are aware the fact that Bitcoin Legacy minimizes your risk of losing money and boosts the potential for earning.

Does it matter if you have prior experience working with Bitcoin Legacy?

No. Anyone new to the application is welcomed to give the trading app an attempt. It is not necessary to have prior experience or previous knowledge in trading. Bitcoin Legacy has a demo feature that lets you to test your trading skills.

How it Works

Based on our observations, we have confirmed that risk of trading is much less with Bitcoin Legacy. The trading software is effective and reliable. All you have to do is start with making an account.

We’ll walk you through the steps:

1. Start Registration

The registration process is as simple as using the form below , along with your contact information. Once you have completed the form, the account manager will get in touch with you.


Sign up for with your Bitcoin Legacy account via 7Bitcoins and get an free personal account manager to guide you through the account setting up procedure.

First Name Last Name Email Phone Number

2. Make a Deposit

Making a withdrawal is quick and simple with Bitcoin Legacy. All you require is an initial deposit of at least EUR250 before you can begin trading live. The deposit will be your first capital investment in the trading platform.

3. Start Demo Trading

In Bitcoin Legacy, you have the option of trading demos available to you. In the demo mode you’ll be able to test trade for all the time you’d like to. The best part about this option is that it doesn’t require any real funds. We suggest that everyone novices and experts begin by trading demos.

4. Start Live Trading

If you’re satisfied using demo trades, it is possible to begin live trading. All you have you do is let your bank manager assist you establish your trading parameters and you are ready to begin. All you have to do is let the robot take care of the work for you.

While the trading app is fully automated, ensure that you spend at minimum 20 minutes or more every day checking your account. It is crucial to keep up-to current with the status of your account, as well as what’s happening on the market.

Key Benefits of Bitcoin Legacy

  • Payment system Payout system operates 24 hours a days. It is activated automatically at the time that the live trading session closes. We are able to confirm that the payment system is reliable.
  • The withdrawal system: Once a withdrawal request is approved, it will take up to 24 hours for the money to show up into your accounts. There is no need to worry about accessing your funds.
  • customer service Our customer service service is accessible 24 hours seven every day of the week. Customers can contact customer service via live chat, email and by phone.
  • Features for security The security feature is encrypted to protect all your personal data so you do not need to worry about your personal information being exposed.
  • Demo-trading functions: The demo trading feature helps Bitcoin Legacy stand out from the other Bitcoin Legacy competitors. It allows you to trade with no funds. It’s a trial session before you start trading live.

Our rating

  • Free Demo Account
  • Exceptional Broker Support
  • Start as low as EUR250

What makes Bitcoin Legacy Stand Out from Its Contemporaries

1. Laser-accurate Performance

We have found Bitcoin Legacy to be highly precise. While we can’t guarantee instant profits, we do know that this app has an enormous opportunity to earn. A majority of users have left positive reviews on the internet, claiming that they earned significant gains within just the beginning of their trading.

2. Superior Technology

The algorithm that powers Bitcoin Legacy’s algorithm Bitcoin Legacy trading application is highly intelligent and can draw information from markets for crypto and global financial news at the time it occurs. Even the tiniest signal on the cryptocurrency market could be recognized through the algorithms.

Tips for New Investors

Start with a small amount: We recommend that you begin by making the minimum amount. It is possible to invest more money in the future or after you have made your first profits. Earnings to withdraw: Make sure you cash out your earnings following each profitable trade. This will allow you to distinguish between your profit and capital you’ve earned. Trade every day: The trading platform is always online. There is nothing stopping you from making trades every day. All you have for is to spend at minimum 20 minutes each daily on this platform.

Our Conclusion:

We have concluded by our team that Bitcoin Legacy trading application is an extremely secure, reliable and efficient trading system that can provide customers with a huge earning potential. Based on our experience, Bitcoin Legacy is fully transparent and provides both novice and experienced users with the support they require to succeed in the market for cryptocurrency. The demo trading function is pretty impressive and lets traders to practice trading without the need for money. Another advantage that comes with the use of Bitcoin Legacy is its excellent customer support. Customers have access to all the knowledge and tools required to succeed on the market for cryptocurrency.

28. Oktober 2022

Crypto trading platform Bakkt aims to go public through merger

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The trading platform for Bitcoin futures could go public through a merger.

Bakkt, a trading platform for crypto-futures that belongs to the operator of the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), is to seek an IPO through a merger with VPC Impact Acquisition Holdings

This was reported by the business magazine Bloomberg on January 7th, citing anonymous sources who “are familiar with the matter”. According to these sources, the talks are already well advanced, which is why there could possibly be a notification of execution in the coming week.

The merger would create a company with a market value of over $ 2 billion

VPC is a holding company belonging to the influential investment firm Victory Park Capital. This in turn is registered with the US Securities and Exchange Commission and has the corresponding approval. John Martin, VPC’s CEO, said that VPC’s strategy is to “find financial technology companies that we can work with and help grow”.

Bakkt was again founded in 2019 as a trading platform for crypto futures that specializes in institutional investors. The unique selling point of the platform is that it offers a „physical“ fulfillment of the Bitcoin futures traded. Last week, the Bakkt’s trading volume was $ 286 million.

The incumbent US Senator Kelly Loeffler, who lost the election for another term on Wednesday , was involved in founding the Bakkt as managing director.

9. Januar 2021

SkyBridge Capital hat 182 Millionen Dollar in Bitcoin investiert und sagt, es sei „digitales Gold“

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SkyBridge Capital, die von Anthony Scaramucci geführte Investmentfirma, hat Berichten zufolge bereits $182 Millionen in Bitcoin investiert und sagte in einer Investorenbroschüre, dass das Flaggschiff der Kryptowährung „digitales Gold“ sei.

SkyBridge Capital startet einen Bitcoin-Fonds

Laut CoinDesk hat die Firma insgesamt 9,3 Milliarden Dollar an verwaltetem Vermögen und startet einen Bitcoin-Fonds, den SkyBridge Bitcoin Fund LP, im Januar nächsten Jahres. In der Investorenbroschüre verrät sie, dass sie bereits in BTC investiert hat. Das Dokument liest:

[SkyBridge] hat im Namen seiner Investmentfonds 182 Millionen Dollar in Bitcoin investiert.

Der Bitcoin-Fonds von SkyBridge soll nur akkreditierten Anlegern zur Verfügung stehen und erfordert eine Mindestinvestition von 50.000 $. Der Fonds hat Berichten zufolge bereits $25 Millionen in bitcoin investiert, und wird ab Jan. 4 offen sein.

Die Broschüre angepriesen bitcoin als „digitales Gold,“ und fügte sogar hinzu, es „ist besser, Gold als Gold.“ Es beschrieb BTC als eine aufstrebende Anlageklasse, die im Laufe der Zeit weniger riskant geworden ist und eine attraktive Angebots- und Nachfragedynamik aufweist.

SkyBridge beschreibt die zunehmende Akzeptanz im privaten und institutionellen Bereich, gepaart mit niedrigen Zinsen und „beispiellosem Gelddrucken“, als Faktoren, die dazu beitragen, dass Prämien auf knappe Vermögenswerte wie „Gold, Immobilien, Kunst und Bitcoin“ gesetzt werden.

Die Broschüre verweist auch auf die zunehmende Akzeptanz an der Wall Street und enthält Zitate von Führungskräften von Firmen wie BlackRock, Citibank und JPMorgan. SkyBridge hat eine Partnerschaft mit Fidelity Digital Assets und Silvergate für die Lagerung seiner BTC.

Investmentfirma von Scaramucci kauft BTC

Scaramucci selbst ist ein ehemaliger Vizepräsident bei Goldman Sachs und ist bekannt dafür, kurzzeitig Donald Trumps Kommunikationsdirektor im Weißen Haus zu sein. Seine Investmentfirma kauft BTC, nachdem mehrere andere Unternehmen die Kryptowährung übernommen haben. MicroStrategy, MassMutual und Square zum Beispiel haben dieses Jahr BTC im Wert von Millionen gekauft.

Anfang des Monats kommentierte Scaramucci das Timing der Bitcoin-Investition der Firma und sagte, dass er glaubt, dass es nicht zu spät ist, sondern im „ersten Inning“ ist. Er fügte hinzu:

Sie sind dabei, diese Welle der frühen Annahme durch die institutionelle Gemeinschaft zu sehen. Ich möchte unsere Investoren beteiligt zu bekommen, bevor das geht in Vollgas

30. Dezember 2020

Análise do preço à vista do Bitcoin

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Clique aqui para a pesquisa AMBCrypto – uma chance de ganhar Trezor One

Isenção de responsabilidade: as conclusões do artigo a seguir são opiniões exclusivas do redator e não devem ser consideradas conselhos de investimento

O Bitcoin Cash está em declive desde o final de setembro, mas nas últimas 4 semanas ele se tornou mais turbulento. O cripto-ativo conseguiu romper seu nível de resistência de $ 341 algumas vezes, mas seu valor foi atendido por uma correção nas 24 horas seguintes. Até ao momento, o BCH encontrava-se mais uma vez numa situação semelhante, com a possibilidade de um recuo extremamente provável.

Conforme explicado anteriormente, o Bitcoin Cash está em alta desde 22 de setembro, com o BCH mantendo uma posição acima do nível de suporte crescente. Também é importante notar que a média móvel de 50 estava atuando como suporte subjacente, com o token retornando acima da MA de forma consistente.

A principal observação que pode ser feita ao olhar para a estrutura de mercado do BCH é a sua afinidade com o movimento lateral. Não há um rompimento específico ocorrendo, já que o Bitcoin Cash depende exclusivamente do mercado coletivo de alta. O cripto-ativo atingiu recentemente US $ 380, um nível que foi sua resistência imediata, no momento em que este artigo foi escrito. No entanto, se seus picos anteriores forem alguma evidência, o BCH pode estar se preparando para outra descida nos próximos dias.

Considerando a volatilidade da criptomoeda, o suporte em $ 270 deve ser a última faixa de teste antes de outro movimento de alta nos gráficos. Por outro lado, os indicadores de mercado apontavam para um movimento superior antes da próxima queda de preços.

Racional de mercado

Como pode ser ilustrado no gráfico em anexo, as fitas da EMA pareciam estar se expandindo no horizonte, algo que pode sugerir a solidificação da tendência de alta até o momento. O Índice de Força Relativa ou RSI também estava em alta, e parecia provável que tocasse a zona de sobrecompra nos gráficos.

Finalmente, o Awesome Oscillator ou AO também apontou para a recuperação do momentum de alta nos gráficos. As velas verdes no histograma do AO sugeriam um aumento, uma descoberta que parecia coerente com o movimento dos preços do BCH.


Para Bitcoin Cash, sua dependência do Bitcoin é evidente. O cripto-mercado continuará a atingir altas mais altas para Bitcoin Cash, mas uma mudança radical no futuro levará a correções massivas abaixo de $ 300.

29. Dezember 2020

Megaupload founder Kim Schmitz sees Bitcoin Cash above $ 3,000 in 2021

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Its use as a means of payment by online retailers and consumers will push Bitcoin Cash higher, according to Kim Dotcom.

Kim Schmitz alias Kim Dotcom, the notorious German entrepreneur and operator of the former file sharing portal Megaupload, advertises the advantages of Bitcoin Cash and also finds words of praise for Bitcoin

In a corresponding tweet to his more than 700,000 followers , Schmitz predicts that the Bitcoin Cash ( BCH ) price will gain 867% in 2021 and climb to more than 3,000 US dollars. That’s why he wants to run BCH on his own blockchain platform called in the future .

He cites the reason for his optimistic forecast that more and more online retailers are accepting crypto currencies. Their priority would be low costs and speed, in his opinion the best prerequisites for Bitcoin Cash.

Kim Dotcom has repeatedly expressed himself positively about Bitcoin ( BTC ) in the past and now he is again praising the market leader by attesting it to be a „great store of value“. However, he also adds that he sees Bitcoin Cash as a better means of payment.

Bitcoin’s “little brother” emerged from a spin-off of the market-leading crypto currency, with a focus on its use as a means of payment, which at least superficially confirms Schmitz’s thesis

In an answer to the crypto expert Tone Vays, the former Megaupload operator pointed out that the number of online retailers who now accept BCH is „steadily increasing“. At the same time, adoption would continue to advance through the mainstream.

“The winners in the crypto industry are determined by online retailers and users,” as Schmitz says in this context . To this end he explains:

“What do online retailers and users want? They want low costs, fast transactions, high security, and ease of use. Ultimately, online retailers and users do not care about the formation of groups within the crypto industry. “

The latest remarks by the controversial company come shortly after Roger Ver, who is known as a particularly great advocate of Bitcoin Cash, reported that the Bitcoin offshoot within the „Bitcoin Cash mutual fund“ of the crypto asset management Grayscale „for $ 6,000 per piece „is traded. The company manages almost $ 15.3 billion in crypto assets, of which less than 0.5% is invested in Bitcoin Cash mutual funds.

At press time, Bitcoin Cash is trading at $ 309.98, up 19.5% over the past week.

20. Dezember 2020

XRP price explosion to $0.90 followed by sharp correction due to problems on Coinbase

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The XRP price has just as spectacularly plummeted again within seconds after its rapid rise to $0.90 on Coinbase. Nonetheless, Ripple’s native crypto currency has undoubtedly awoken from its deep winter and is experiencing a real price explosion with a 53.4% rise in the last 24 hours.

The XRP price climbed to over $0.90 on the US crypto currency exchange Coinbase today, only to plummet again by around 30% within seconds. Ripple’s XRP thus marked its highest price level since May 2018 – even if only briefly.

In this article we take a look at what is behind this rollercoaster ride of the XRP price and to what extent Coinbase is involved. Of course we also take a look at the chart to analyse how things could go on from here.

What is behind the rapid rise and fall of the share price? Where is the journey for XRP heading? Let’s find out!

XRP price explosion driven by Coinbase traders

The price level close to the $1 mark was apparently driven by Bitcoin Machine Scam traders. The assumption is obvious, as the XRP price did not reach the same levels on other exchanges. Bitstamp and Binance, for example, only saw a high of „only“ $0.79 during the same rise.

Many also suspect that the sudden crash is directly related to technical problems on Coinbase. In any case, the hashtag „Coinbase“ on Twitter in the United States began to take quite a beating.

While the official status page of Coinbase currently states that everything is functioning normally, other sources show that the stock exchange is indeed struggling with problems. For example, the following graph shows that this morning the stock market went down.

Ripple’s Buy Back programme boosts the price

The positive momentum that has developed in the XRP course should not have escaped the attentive readers of

There were enough indicators that pointed this out, both from a technical and fundamental point of view. Above all, the news about a so-called „buy-back programme“ by Ripple in its last quarterly report should have given the necessary confidence in the future price development of the crypto currency.

On the weekly chart of XRP, we also see that a complex head-shoulder bottom formation had formed and, as it crossed the neckline, led to an explosive rise in prices over the past two weeks. But it is clear that this steep rise is crying out for a correction. Especially since $0.80 seems to be showing resistance.

Possible support levels are found at $0.60 and $0.50. Should the XRP price succeed in establishing one of these levels as support, this would in any case be constructive for its future price development. Ripple’s XRP is currently trading at $0.65.

6. Dezember 2020

5 Black Friday Bitcoin Deals Not To Be Missed

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Black Friday Week heralds the Christmas business with rich discounts. The week of the bargain hunters also offers some top deals in the crypto space. Today we’re introducing you to five Black Friday deals that shouldn’t be missed.

5. Black Friday Deal at Trezor | -20%

The crypto community in particular should sit up and take notice when they hear the words Cold Storage and Black Friday Week in one sentence. Because Trezor puts its entire focus on securing crypto currencies and is ideally suited for the storage of crypto currencies. The company also has a comprehensive range of hardware wallets.

From November 23 to 29, buyers will receive 20 percent off all hardware wallets from Trezor. A look at the Trezor Shop therefore can’t hurt

4. Ledger | -40%

But the competition never sleeps. In addition to Trezor, Ledger also grants a price discount on its hardware wallets. Be Your Own Bank has become a well-known phrase in the crypto space and crypto investors can dream of this with a hardware walletthat are affordable for everyone. The Ledger products offer a reliable level of security and right now the purchase of a hardware wallet can be particularly worthwhile.

During Black Friday Week, Ledger is offering a 40 percent discount on its entire range of hardware wallets. It’s worth taking a look at the website.

3. CryptoCloaks

CryptoCloaks LLC is a company that was born out of a love for 3D printing and a passion for Bitcoin. On CryptoCloaks you can buy a wide variety of Bitcoin and crypto gadgets. For example, there are holders for hardware wallets, bitcoin spinners, crypto key rings and many other products that are ideal for crypto enthusiasts.

During Black Friday Week, buyers receive a 10 percent discount on all CryptoCloaks products. So if you are still looking for Christmas gifts for your crypto friends, you should visit the CryptoCloaks shop definitely look.

2. Tradingview

Tradingview has interesting Black Friday offers for those interested in trading and those who want to deal more intensively with the price development of various crypto currencies.

The trading platform grants huge discounts on all subscriptions

For example, traders with Pro + can compare four charts at the same time, which is a real advantage in chart analysis. In addition, the subscriptions offer advantages such as additional indicators, more precise chart data and a user-defined layout that can be individually adapted as required. Keep an eye on the Black Friday offers throwing might pay off for those interested.

1. Binance Black Friday: 50% off Bitcoin purchases

The world’s largest crypto exchange also has an interesting Black Friday Week offer. Every new user gets the chance to buy Bitcoin on Binance for a discount of 50 percent. All you have to do is open a Binance account and complete two simple tasks.

When you have completed this simple task, you will automatically be entered into a raffle. In this raffle 40 lucky winners will be selected who will receive a 50 percent discount on their next Bitcoin purchase.

26. November 2020

What happened with Cryptopia

Published Post author, a company owned by Roger Ver, a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, has announced support for users who are victims of the Cryptopia exchange attack. will in fact make available its platform to redistribute funds to its rightful owners.

We are talking about an attack that took place in early January 2019, so almost 2 years ago.

This hack resulted in a heavy loss for the exchange – several million dollars – which forced Cryptopia to close its doors and start the liquidation procedure, which after some time seems to be draining.

For this reason a program called „Cryptopia Rescue“ was created that will take the place of all the users who suffered a loss from this attack and joined the team to facilitate the task of redistributing the tokens.

Cryptopia Rescue’s spokesman, Victor Cattermole, explained:

„The curator proposed to give up more than 50% of the funds. In our alternative plan, we have partnered with to provide an exchange environment to emulate the Cryptopia model so that all funds can be redistributed.

The role of

In fact, since the birth of this program in September 2019, the exchange has provided support and offered a useful and secure service for users, which has been taken into account, as explained by the CEO of exchange, Danish Chaudhry:

„We take this role within the consortium very seriously. [ Exchange] will do everything possible, as a collective, to provide the best in class platform to redistribute funds to Cryptopia account holders through our exchange.

Although this platform will be used to connect liquidators and users, there are some things that users need to keep in mind:

  • The Cryptopia trustee is independent from Exchange.
  • Complaint information is stored only on the Trustee’s servers, not on Exchange servers.
  • Complaint information is private between customers and the Trustee.
  • Exchange is not involved in the approval or denial of claims.
  • Exchange does not determine when claims are distributed.

So in any case there are limitations but it is still positive that users will be able to recover the funds or at least part of the funds they had on Cryptopia.

5. November 2020

Bitcoin Cash, Waves, Enjin Análisis de precios: 01 de noviembre

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Bitcoin notó un breve pico de más de 14.000 dólares, antes de ser rechazado, con la criptodivisa cotizando a 13.700 dólares, al momento de la publicación.

El criptoespacio estaba extasiado por el hecho de que BTC cerrara una vela mensual por encima de los 13.000 dólares, pero algunos operadores también esperaban un retroceso antes de otro movimiento al alza.

Más abajo en la cripta, Bitcoin Cash observó volúmenes de compra consistentes, pero no pudo dar la vuelta y mantener un nivel de resistencia. Las olas también probaron su resistencia pero fueron rechazadas, mientras que Enjin perdió un nivel de apoyo a los osos.
Bitcoin Cash [BCH]

Bitcoin Cash estaba operando dentro de un patrón rectangular (amarillo), con un nivel de resistencia de 265 dólares en el medio del patrón. Los últimos días han visto el precio oscilar alrededor de ese nivel.

Sin embargo, el OBV mostró que el volumen de compra ha estado tendiendo consistentemente al alza, ya que formó una serie de bajos más altos.

Un aumento de Bitcoin podría ayudar al precio del BCH también, ya que los dos cripto-activos están muy estrechamente correlacionados. Un cierre debajo del rectángulo para el BCH podría ver que prueba el nivel de soporte en 245 dólares.
Ondas [ONDAS]

Se destacó en blanco la divergencia bajista entre el precio y el impulso que el criptograma exhibió hace unos días. El precio se retiró hacia el soporte en 2,87 dólares y trató de pasar el nivel de resistencia de 3,24 dólares una vez más.

Mientras que el MACD se movió por encima de cero y formó un cruce alcista en los últimos días, un fracaso para recuperar la resistencia en los próximos días podría significar la bajada de las ONDAS.
Enjin [ENJ]

Enjin ha estado registrando pérdidas constantes durante la última semana. Desde septiembre hasta mediados de octubre, ENJ ha operado dentro del rango de $0.142-$0.172.

A más largo plazo, un cierre por debajo de este rango indicó que ENJ podría dirigirse a $0.11.

A corto plazo, el RSI destacó el impulso bajista detrás de la cripta. El indicador señaló una lectura de 36, en el momento de la impresión, con la misma oscilando entre 30 y 40 durante la última semana.

En noticias relacionadas, el CTO de Enjin Witek Radomski apareció en un AMA con Binance US hace unos días y tocó el tema de la Efinidad.

2. November 2020

La reducción a la mitad de Bitcoin fue un éxito de esta manera tan inesperada

Published Post author

Seamos honestos, el 2020 no va como pensabas.

Si hubieras mirado el calendario antes del comienzo del año, ¿cuál habrías calculado que sería la volatilidad mensual de Bitcoin? ¿Cómo crees que la mayor cripto-moneda del mundo habría navegado por lo que fue potencialmente el año más importante de su corta historia?

Comparado con sus anteriores años de precios altos, el 2020 estaba programado para ser uno de los más importantes. Después de un año en el criptoinvierno de 2018, entre dos años alcistas de 2017 y 2019, el sentimiento hacia el 2020 era optimista. Sin embargo, COVID-19 y la subsiguiente caída del mercado lo cambió todo.

El 12 de marzo, Bitcoin cayó cerca del 50 por ciento, deshaciendo meses de maduración y descubrimiento de precios anteriores. Los eventos del ‚Jueves Negro‘ acompañaron a la peor caída de precios en los últimos siete años de la historia de la cripto moneda. Lo que fue peor fue que llegó casi dos meses antes del día anterior a la reducción a la mitad del tercer bloque, un evento que se esperaba tuviera un efecto de precio masivo.

Mientras que la noción preexistente era que la reducción a la mitad haría que el mercado fuera más volátil, hizo lo contrario.

Cuando se analizaron los movimientos de precios de Bitcoin desde principios de año hasta finales de septiembre, se observó que el mes más volátil fue marzo, y no mayo.

En marzo, la desviación media de los precios de los treinta y un días del mes era del 5,2% por día, lo que era masivamente superior a la de cualquier otro mes del año. En comparación, los dos meses siguientes, abril y mayo, ocuparon el segundo lugar en cuanto a la desviación media del 2%. Esta enorme diferencia del 3,2% entre el primer y el segundo mes más volátil subraya lo volátil que fue realmente el mes de marzo. De media, cada día de marzo, Bitcoin se movió (ya sea al alza o a la baja) en 326,3 dólares. Ahora, compara esto con junio, un mes durante el cual, de media, Bitcoin se movió por menos de 96 dólares.

Bajando en la lista, la volatilidad sólo disminuyó a partir de mayo, con junio, julio, agosto y septiembre teniendo una volatilidad media diaria de precios del 1 por ciento, 0,9 por ciento, 1,1 por ciento y 1,2 por ciento, respectivamente.

Para comparar esto con una perspectiva antes y después de la reducción a la mitad – la volatilidad diaria de Bitcoin antes de la reducción a la mitad sobre una base mensual fue del 2,5%, gracias en gran parte a marzo, y la volatilidad diaria posterior a la reducción a la mitad sobre una base mensual fue sólo del 1%, ¡un total de 150 puntos básicos más baja!

Mirando el precio mensual medio, no es sorprendente que agosto tuviera el más alto con una tendencia consistente de más de 11.000 dólares y marzo el más bajo. El promedio subió de marzo a agosto, antes de que la caída de septiembre por debajo de 11.000 dólares lo hiciera bajar.

En términos de meses positivos y negativos, el diferencial es justo. Cuatro de los nueve meses tuvieron una diferencia promedio en lo negativo – febrero, marzo, junio y septiembre, mientras que el resto tuvo una diferencia promedio en lo positivo. Lo que esto significa es que durante cuatro meses del año, la diferencia media en el día a día fue negativa, lo que significa que la tendencia general fue a la baja y viceversa para el resto de los cinco meses.

¿Qué significa esto desde donde estamos ahora? Bueno, para empezar, la volatilidad del precio diario de Bitcoin ha disminuido mucho desde marzo, especialmente después de la reducción a la mitad, una vez que el precio se ha recuperado lo suficiente. Además, esta estabilidad no ha estado exenta de un fuerte rendimiento. El precio medio de Bitcoin ha mejorado significativamente mes a mes desde mayo, cayendo sólo una vez en septiembre.

Con los diferenciales de precios disminuyendo cada mes mientras se sigue moviendo y manteniendo su impulso alcista, el último trimestre del año será más tranquilo que un crash!

4. Oktober 2020