XRP price explosion to $0.90 followed by sharp correction due to problems on Coinbase

The XRP price has just as spectacularly plummeted again within seconds after its rapid rise to $0.90 on Coinbase. Nonetheless, Ripple’s native crypto currency has undoubtedly awoken from its deep winter and is experiencing a real price explosion with a 53.4% rise in the last 24 hours.

The XRP price climbed to over $0.90 on the US crypto currency exchange Coinbase today, only to plummet again by around 30% within seconds. Ripple’s XRP thus marked its highest price level since May 2018 – even if only briefly.

In this article we take a look at what is behind this rollercoaster ride of the XRP price and to what extent Coinbase is involved. Of course we also take a look at the chart to analyse how things could go on from here.

What is behind the rapid rise and fall of the share price? Where is the journey for XRP heading? Let’s find out!

XRP price explosion driven by Coinbase traders

The price level close to the $1 mark was apparently driven by Bitcoin Machine Scam traders. The assumption is obvious, as the XRP price did not reach the same levels on other exchanges. Bitstamp and Binance, for example, only saw a high of „only“ $0.79 during the same rise.

Many also suspect that the sudden crash is directly related to technical problems on Coinbase. In any case, the hashtag „Coinbase“ on Twitter in the United States began to take quite a beating.

While the official status page of Coinbase currently states that everything is functioning normally, other sources show that the stock exchange is indeed struggling with problems. For example, the following graph shows that this morning the stock market went down.

Ripple’s Buy Back programme boosts the price

The positive momentum that has developed in the XRP course should not have escaped the attentive readers of CryptoMonday.de.

There were enough indicators that pointed this out, both from a technical and fundamental point of view. Above all, the news about a so-called „buy-back programme“ by Ripple in its last quarterly report should have given the necessary confidence in the future price development of the crypto currency.

On the weekly chart of XRP, we also see that a complex head-shoulder bottom formation had formed and, as it crossed the neckline, led to an explosive rise in prices over the past two weeks. But it is clear that this steep rise is crying out for a correction. Especially since $0.80 seems to be showing resistance.

Possible support levels are found at $0.60 and $0.50. Should the XRP price succeed in establishing one of these levels as support, this would in any case be constructive for its future price development. Ripple’s XRP is currently trading at $0.65.

6. Dezember 2020